For owners of medium-sized businesses

I help you to improve your cash flow management, reduce costs, and enable you to take informed, financial decisions.

Up to 30% cost reduction within three weeks of our cooperation, with a systemized consulting approach.

Known From:

Do you know the following situations?

Decision Making Problems

When it comes to significant financial decisions you are often uncertain, whether your business is able to afford it in the long run. This leads to unwise decisions, postponing decisions or even not taking decisions at all.

Missing Cost Efficiencies

You are missing modern infastructure of financial systems that help you to detect inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary cost centers. This leaved you in the dark and negatively impacts the efficiency of your business.

Growth Drivers Missing

Revenues of your business are plateauing and drivers of growth are missing. Those cannot be identified in the current state of your business, as no clear and structured overview of the financial situation exists.

My consulting offers the following benefits


Informed Decision Making
It is a must to have a clearly structured overview of your companies financials which will enable you to take fast and data-backed decisions.
Increased Bottom Line
The cost saving potentials we detect and realize during our cooperation will lead to higher net profits that can be reinvested into the business.
Enabling Business Growth
Having a solid, financial sturcture, with modern and efficient systems in place, will build the foundation for enabling business growth.
Risk Detection & Mitigation
Your exposure to to potential, financial losses will decrease and the business performance will increase which leads to you having a greater peace of mind.

Why my consulting?

Dear Reader,

My name is Robert. I worked for the biggest names out there in finance as well as in management consultancy. I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you this so you know what you are getting.

For 15 years I advised small, medium and bulge bracket companies and was able to gather insights that only a few get access to.

I want to use this knowledge to help businesses like yours, to reach the next growth level with ease.

Many business owners are stuck in their day to day operations without realizing that their business is not moving forward.

80% of the businesses I advised have no structured financial management, no streamlined financial processes, no modern systems to detect inefficiencies or risks, are therefore not able to take financially feasible decisions and are missing out on growth and bottom line profits of their businesses.

Together with my team, I want to help you fix that. In my free potential analysis we analyze the situation of your current business and develop a plan how to get your business ready for the next growth phase.

Request your potential analysis now and hopefully talk soon!

How you can get in touch with me

1. Arrange an appointment with me online

Click on the button "Free Potential Analysis", choose a suitable date and confirm it.

2. give me some info about your business

A handful of questions give me background information about your business. I need these as a basis for our initial analysis.

3. Your free potential analysis

In our meeting I will analyze your status quo and develop a strategy how to growth your business to the next level.

If you don't want to be left behind by your competition, you should act now and finally establish a solid basis for the next growth phase of your business.


of SME's fail due to cash flow problems.


of SEM's have to chase clients for payments.


of SME's have a financial plan, leaving 51% without one!

Our Team

The people behind Martines Consulting

Holger Sewerin

Managing Partner

Holger worked for more than 20 years as CFO, interim CFO and financial advisor for a diverse set of companies, including Commerzbank AG, K+S, KUKA, Leica, Montblanc and Osram. 

Michael Strells


Michael gathered his experience, working for strategic management consultant companies, like BCG, Kearny, Roland Berger and Bain & Company.

Victoria Michels

Client Success

Victoria started her career in Mergers and Acquisitions for Credit Suisse and continued to work as a personal assistant in major industrial companies. 

We are an award winning consultancy

Let us analyse your status quo first. After that we will develop a tailored concept to bring your business to the next level.

Now is your time to make a decision and take the first step

Stop with quick fixes that solve your problems for the moment but not in the long run. Get rid of the situations were you have just a vague idea but need to pretend that you have full control and a clear picture. Start taking your business serious again and let’s build a solid financial basis to push your business to the next level. Request your free potential analysis now!